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Soft and hard elements come together in Tashkent by cheyenne.


Photo courtessy of Emma Blau

The name Tashkent was the birthplace of her father’s mother. A place Cheyenne heard about only in stories. The word Tashkent embodies the memory of her grandmothers almond shaped eyes and the coarse beauty of her life.
Conceived in 2005, the Tashkent by cheyenne collection debuted for the Winter 2006 season.
Tashkent by cheyenne brings traditional handmade Italian craftsmanship together with a fresh aesthetic. Luxury materials such as soft leathers and suedes, furs and various skins blend with metal adornments to create a delicate but raw feel.Fascinated by the rich and intricate history of footwear, she enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s shoe construction program. Cheyenne’s interest then led her to expand her knowledge of the history of footwear. In 2002, Cheyenne opened a fine ladies vintage shoe store, The Shoe Shack in Sag Harbor, NY.

Cheyenne worked in the footwear industry as an assistant designer and archivist for Delman, one of the oldest and most prestigious shoe companies in New York. Building upon the experience and knowledge she gained, Cheyenne launched a line of her own.
Tashkent by cheyenne is in its 9th Season and growing. Cheyenne travels to Italy regularly but lives in Brooklyn, NY.
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